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It's been one of those weeks that finds everyone in town all at once, and a flurry of activity because of it. Apnea and LP finally went back to TX a couple nights ago, Darenzia is still here (currently napping in my bed), Nicolla is in LA too, as is Ulorin Vex. My usual Wednesday update is late because I've spent the last two days shooting until I was too tired to move. But it was so, so worth it.

On top of that, more positivity! Work on the previously-mentioned book is cruising along very well and I finally finished a huge website job. Then, the issue with my phone was solved. I've been with T-Mobile for YEARS and, recently, I stopped getting service at my house. Since that's where I'm usually at, it's been a problem. Months of trying to fix shit with tech support, swapping phones and SIM cards yielded no results. So, I wanted to change carriers and they refused to let me out of my contract. Guess what? I filed complaints with the FCC and the Better Business Bureau, and I'm free! Woot! Another even greater freedom presented itself this week, too. My divorce finally came through. That's right, I'm no longer tied in any way to my lying, cheating ex. Life is so good that the only thing that'd make it better is pictures of naked chicks, and winning the lotto. Since I don't gamble, the ladies will do.

Ready for the onslaught?

Wednesday, D and I met up with Ulorin at this ultra-swank hotel in West Hollywood. Sutan met us there too and did an amazing job of beating face. Per usual. He's the head makeup artist on America's Next Top Model, and a valued friend. I'm always pleased as punch when he has the time to shlep his shit to one of my shoots.

Here's Sutan in a silly video from ANTM, Cycle 6. That's right... HE'S TYRA.

This was the first time I'd met Ulorin, let alone worked with her. I am really happy with the results. Hope we can do it again next time she's in town from England. And D? Hot as ever and just too much fun! Special thanks to Simone at Exquisite Restraint for the corsets!

Thursday, that'd be yesterday, I shot again with my favorite hard-body, Nicolla. She is in town from her sweltering home in Florida. I picked up Sutan and met her at her hotel on Sunset Boulevard. She always comes with the nicest lingerie, and yummy latex, and we have such a blast working together. It's just a shame that she didn't have enough free time this trip to hang out. We'll make up for that next trip, I'm sure. Most of the sets we shot are exclusives for her site, so you'll have to sign up there to see all of them. I'm only giving you a littly sneaky peak. I brought some extra wardrobe, though, and the sets where she's wearing those will appear on My Fetish Diary as well.

Special thanks to Simone at Exquisite Restraint for the corsets and to my genius friend, Milkboy at Slick it Up for the zentai and plaid.

Just to make things even better (for me at least), Sutan asked me to take some photos of him too. He's in the spotted zentai set with Nicolla, and below in his first nude shoot ever. When he's this lovely, we call him Raja. If you're interested in more of Raja, and why wouldn't you be, you can catch him live every Tuesday night at Rage in WeHo with Dreamgirls.

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