Bon Voyage! 
So, my house and heart will be all sad because Darenzia is leaving. Back to NYC. We finally had the chance to hang out tonight, she's always so booked up with shoots when she's here that I only see her right before bed. Our friend, Evan brought over a 14 pound brisket (!!) that I cut into three pieces, cooking one and freezing the rest. We ate and talked, and watched Blades of Glory while she packed.

We had wanted to shoot her in Milkboy's crazy zentai catsuit the day he brought them over, but we had so much stuff to photograph that we didn't get around to it. I'm so stoked we were able to do it tonight. I just threw her on my bed and snapped away. I'm really happy with the photos, and I like that they have a different feel than the ones with Nicolla and Raja.


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