Hypocrites for the ethical treatment of animals 

Maybe you like Dita, maybe you don't.

Maybe you like fur, maybe you don't.

Maybe you volunteer down at the animal shelter, maybe you don't.

Whatever your views, I think you'll still agree that PETA is just cashing in on Dita's willingness to be scantily clad and to do anything for publicity. See, Dita's the face of the new PETA campaign. What makes this so hypocritical?

1) As one friend put it, she's "Fur-loving, feather-fan-dancing Dita".

2) Dita at Fur-Style.com

3) Am I wrong, or is she wearing a fur coat in these photos from Blender Magazine?

4) Another image of Dita, this time it's a fur stole.

5) There's a whole lotta leather in that girl's closet. (I love leather, but I'm not PETA's new pet either.)

6) Though I don't own it myself, I hear tell that she dedicates an entire section of her book to her love of fur. Now, unless she's got some fancy fur tree in her backyard, that means animals have died for her wardrobe.**

7) Bazillions of photos of Dita wearing fur like this one can easily be found by doing a quick search online.

Please note that I am not taking any stance on the leather or fur questions in this post, I am merely pointing out that Dita may not be the best choice for PETA. Maybe they were just blinded by her sparkly boobs or something.

**More on this at Just to the Left.

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