Update 26 September, 2007 

Lap of Luxury with Jean Bardot - In the Latex Gallery

Jean Bardot is known for her love of rubber and I'm always honored to shoot her in it. These photos were taken back in April at Anastasia Pierce's house. I got to go through all of Jean's latex and pick out my favorite pieces, and this smoky transparent number was one of them. We didn't choose any underwear to go with it, so you can see her pierced pussy even before the skirt comes off. =)

Platinum Dreams with Jami Deadly - In the Legs Gallery

Jami Deadly used to live in Texas, but I hear she's moved to Vegas to take her Marilyn impersonation to new heights. Her classic looks and love of vintage lingerie and stockings are a great combo. I love her in this girdle and so will you!

Handful with Ava London - In the Portraits Gallery

Boy was I surprised when Ava pulled a giant lavender dildo out of her bag when she came over to shoot. I certainly wasn't expecting it! Guess Ava's not as innocent as she looks. I doubt anyone could resist her when she straps this bad-boy on!

Milkboy with Darenzia and Milkboy - In the Encasement Gallery

This bonus gallery was shot last week. I was photographing Darenzia and my friend, Milkboy called. He was in town from NYC and needed some photos of himself (wearing one of the zentai suits he makes) with a beautiful, dominant woman. Can do!! I'm sure these sexy photos are gonna help him sell more than a few catsuits!


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