Update, 07 November, 2007 

Kiss Curls with Betka Schpitz and K - In the Sessions Gallery

I shot this raunchy scene with Ms. Betka and slave K up at her dungeon in Portland. They're both wearing similar rubber hoods, he's in a latex shorts suit, and she's in a latex mini-dress. She's got him bound to a custom bondage X. He was so turned on by the scene that he was rock hard the moment she strapped him down. Now, all you nasty pervs may get some funny ideas about booking a session with her and expecting Mistress to stroke your cock... Ain't gonna happen. This was a very special case, so just use it to fuel your fantasies. Ms. Betka's not about to touch you, so keep dreaming. Here, in part 2, you get to see what happens when naughty boys have their wildest fantasies come true. =)

Pale Pink Pouff with Emily Marilyn - In the Legs Gallery

I photographed Emily at Michael Helms' house back in July. She had a treat for me in the form of the flirtiest pink Italian heels. They were so high and so heavily arched that even Emily, who's a pro at tiptoeing around on the highest of heels, could barely walk a few paces. After watching her struggle, I took pity on her poor little tootsies, leading her to the guest bedroom and the pillowy soft bed. The windows provided our only light, bathing her in the sun's soft afternoon rays. She was clearly grateful, rewarding me with beautiful close-ups of her slender feet.

Want Her Cookies? with Natalie Minx - In the Portrait Gallery

Yeah, so Halloween was last week... I'm still celebrating with this week with Natalie Minx as the sluttiest Scout you've ever run across. Hmmm... Maybe we ought to pitch this to the Scouts. They'd make a killing at cookie sales!


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