Day trip to porno town 
The majority of my erotic work hovers between "tasteful nudes" and fetish fashion, and I love it. But, every once in a while, I get to work with a <cough> carefree spirit like Anastasia Pierce. It's a joy, seriously.

First of all, when you enter her house the first thing you see is a sign posted notifying you that you will be on webcam as her whole place is wired with cams in every corner. Then there's the shooting. We'll be going along like every other shoot I've ever done, and suddenly her fingers dip into her pussy out of nowhere. It's refreshing. LOL After previous experiences, for example, shooting for other sites and lots of hand-holding, trying to ease non-pro-models into doing nudes... It's nice to work with someone who is completely secure and utterly shameless.

It seems, too, that Ana delights in pimping for me. She arranges shoots and brings along other models. This time, I had the pleasure of working with Berlin. Wow. Talk about shameless! This is one girl who clearly enjoys herself. She had just come from a week of shooting with a hardcore BDSM site and was completely covered in bruises. We had to be pretty clever in hiding them. And then there's how she models. She'll get naked, she'll do spreads, she'll eat pussy, get fucked... None of that's new, really. What's noteworthy is how she does it. I guess you can call it "getting into character", but the moment she touches herself (or someone else does) she's purring sex sounds loud enough for the neighbors to hear. It was something else... LOL

I arrived before Berlin, so Ana and I started with a solo set. She pulled out these beautiful Wolford pantyhose and I photographed her on her bed. I have to say, she looked particularly gorgeous (and got seriously dirty!).

When we finished that set, Berlin was ready and I photographed her in a lycra catsuit (I'll refrain from calling it Zentai because it didn't have hands, feet, or a hood) and one of her corsets. Damn, but she corsets down really small. I believe she said the waist size was 19", quite a contrast from her ample bust.

With those solos out of the way, we moved in to Anastasia's dungeon and shot several sets with latex, bondage, ballet shoes and ballet boots, vibrators and a giant dildo. I couldn't possibly have had more fun with it.

Wait, I lied.... LOL The last set of the day, at Anastasia's suggestion, was dirty fun with balloons. That was a first for all of us, and a real shame that we weren't rolling video. The balloons would build up static as they were moved around, and they kept popping unexpectedly. We'd cry out like a bunch of girls each time it happened. At the end, they were popping them on purpose, but those surprise pops really shocked us!

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