Update, 21 November, 2007 

Green Team with Apnea and Bella - In the Latex Gallery

Shooting Apnea and Bella was such a treat. Two of my favorite people, and they both happen to be smokin' hot! I dressed them in green latex dresses by Venus Prototype and let them go to town. The tight rubber hugged their natural curves while their hands slipped along the lubed surfaces transferring sensations to the sensitive skin beneath. This was a particularly voyeuristic experience for me... As you go through the photos, just imagine what it was like to be peeping at them through the lens of my camera!

The Future is Bright with Lorraine Sisco - In the Legs Gallery

Lorraine blew me away. She always does. This time she was rockin' a retro look in a fancy pink halter dress and wedges. She could pass for a beautiful housewife going to a party. But she's got a secret. If you pulled her skirt up you'd see sheer leopard panties, a tiny little thong. It's a clue to her true personality, unabashed sex kitten. She will blow you away too, writhing on the bed and playing with the perfect pussy nestled at the top of her long, shapely legs.

At Home in Corsets with Sarah - In the Corset Gallery

Yasmin Ling introduced me to Sarah. When I was in Oregon for my birthday this year, Yasmin made a call and soon thereafter, a beautiful blonde appeared. She hung out with us, eating dinner and dressing up in one of my corsets and Emily's 6" pumps. Sarah's not a professional model and that made this shoot all the more special. She loved getting naked for me and stuck around to do another shoot in latex (more on that later!). I'm going to have to thank Yasmin, again, for giving me such a great birthday present!


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