Update, 28 November, 2007 

See Right Through Me with Anastasia Pierce - In the Latex Gallery

Shooting Anastasia Pierce again after such a long hiatus was a pleasure. She offered me one latex ensemble after another, her vast collection laid before me. This transparent set was one of my choices. I adore transparent latex, the woman is clothed but may as well be nude, you can see through it so clearly. Ana is covered from head to toe in rubber, with the exception of panties, none to be seen. It's obvious in this gallery that she is completely infatuated with rubber, the feel of it, the shine, the scent. She was utterly insatiable, playing with herself for my (and your!) benefit. More about this shoot here!

Nylon Nymph with Masuimi Max - In the Legs Gallery

Masuimi Max in my living room, in pantyhose and heels... Could there be anything better? She really knows how to work those nylons, shimmying out of them in a slow tease... I think these are some of the sexiest photos I've ever taken of her!

College Domme with Stoya - In the Corset Gallery

I shot Stoya in her apartment. She's just moved back to LA from the East Coast and was kind of starting over. There was barely any furniture, just a mattress on the floor. I dressed her from head to toe, a red mesh garter dress, black fishnet stockings, a corset from Exquisite Restraint, and my new favorite killer boots in red and black pvc with a 6.5" heel. Walking in these was not an option, so Stoya chose to stay in bed. When I look at these photos, I can't help but imagine this scenario...

You're in college. You're dating a hot minx named Stoya. She's kinky, exploring her sexuality. You come back to your dorm after classes to find her dressed for sex, dominant and demanding, and you fall to your knees before her. More from this shoot here!

Warm Leatherette with Apnea - In the Portraits Gallery

I spent the day shooting Apnea and Miss Conduct. We were getting ready to do our next set, Apnea wore black leather pasties and garter belt, mesh panties and stockings. We were waiting for Miss Conduct to get her ass ready and killed time shooting these solos of Apnea. Hence, this week's bonus set. Enjoy! More about this shoot here!


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