My best friend is in the hospital after some emergency surgery a few days ago. I've been spending all of my time there with him. So, it was a welcome distraction to go over to Sinnamon's new pad and shoot her and her new slave a couple days ago. Sin's got all the bases covered. She's a nasty porn star known for her anal scenes (must be that big, juicy ass of hers!), she's an accomplished submissive, both with bondage and pain, and she rounds it all out working as a pro-domme. I've shot her as a sub before, but the other day, it was all "Mistress Sinnamon".

I took two of my violet wand kits over to her place and she went to town on her slave. We only shot a few stills and the rest was video. It's super hot! I can't wait to get it edited and uploaded. You're gonna love watching Sin make him squirm!

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Sinnamon's body is looking amazing!!!

January Seraph 
I love how you've captured her curves!


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