Better than exmas! 

I've got some amazing friends. Gorgeous, kinky, fun, kind, and GENEROUS friends. Betka messaged me recently to say that she'd sent me a kinky care package. I couldn't wait! Well, I received it a couple days ago and was simply blown away by its contents. In addition to the spectacular vintage "Sadist" tumbler pictured above (by famed designer, Geroges Briard), the contents included:

1) A sexy pair of boots.
2) An Eroscillator.
3) A corset.
4) Latex enema/piss pants.
5) A hard, green, nubby paddle.
6) A parachute ball stretcher with weights.
7) A shmancy wired scrotum parachute for e-stim play.
8) Two e-stim breast cups.
9) A violet wand contact probe (though I already have a couple of these, more is always better!)
10) A pair of really cool prickly leather "vampire gloves". Well, they're not actually gloves (I already have a pair of the glove style of this toy), rather, they're two black leather spiked pads with a strap across the top of each to slip your hand through. These will be awesome for use when already wearing gloves!
11) Several bags of new silicone dildoes, a glass dildo, and several vibrators! (There must be at LEAST a dozen toys in there!)
12) The fabulously blasphemous Virgin Mary dildo by Divine Interventions. (Oh, how I love them!!)
13) And, by FAR the best thing in the package, and one of the finest gifts I have ever received, a PES Samurai! (I brought it along to my shoot with Gwen and January, yesterday, and we used the Samurai on January in an interrogation scene. She was scared at first, of e-stim in general and of the enormity of the dildo, but after the scene, she proclaimed that she MUST have one!)

I'm really unable to put into words the depth of my gratitude for B's unbelievable generosity. She rules the school in my book, though she always has. =)

Now, if someone would just buy me a Sybian (hint, hint), I'd be set! For a while at lest. LOL Aren't I an ungrateful bitch? Add to that list, more latex, more latex, more latex, and a winning lotto ticket, and I'd REALLY be set! Ha ha.

Read more about e-stim here!
Read more about violet wands here!

Christine Kessler 
Yay, Jade!! I'm just about to upload the pics from yesterday. I can't wait for you to come to town again. You're amazing!

Jade Indica 
I enjoyed working with you a lot! You have a great eye for taking pictures.
being tortured was fantastic with you snapping away and video taping
That was a fun night- Patrick really got it good!
Best Wishes

Christine Kessler 
Hi January! Thanks for posting. I had a great time working with you and look forward to a REAL shoot when we can concentrate on photos. =)

Hi Andre! Yeah, the Eroscillator is awesome. Such a completely different sensation compared to ordinary vibrators. As for the Samurai, it can be used with most e-stim units, I believe. Some would need an adapter. It works perfectly with the PES or ErosTek right out of the box. =)

Wow nice score! The Eroscillator changed my girl's life and I'd love to get one of those Samurai do-hickees. That can be used with an Erostek unit, can it not?

January Seraph 
I really did love the Samurai! Thank you so much for bringing it, I'm asking Santa for one for Christmas!

You're great, I had so much fun working with you!



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