Dear rich perverts and patrons of the arts,

I have fallen in love. My breath has been taken away. I am in complete and utter awe. I am coveting fiercely.


I am absolutely smitten with the beautiful whips at Whipcraft.

Take note.

The Dominator - Medical.
The Stiletto Corset.

I must have both.
Life is incomplete without them.
I'm batting my eyelashes as I type this.

Buy them for me, have them shipped to my house, please this pervert beyond belief.

Have a nice day.


Christine Kessler 
Thank you, Evan. I know you've got my back. At least theoretically. Now, Gimp.... Let this be a lesson to you! Stop being so negative. No poo-pooing. I'm gonna buy an expensive belt for the next time I see you!

Damn, girl !

My dad used to whip me with his leather belt, and I'm pretty damn sure it wasn't more than $25.

You need a new hobby that doesn't cost so damn much.

Oh, if I had the cash to spare they'd both be yours!


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