Check, check, and check... 
Yesterday was kind of perfect. I was invited back to shoot again with January Seraph, Jade Indica, and Patrick Andraste. I spent the day with them, with Nathan shooting video and me shooting stills. You could pretty much go down my list, the list of what I like to shoot, and tick off each item. We covered it all yesterday.

Two hot girls. CHECK
Shiny latex. CHECK
Corsets. CHECK
Bondage. CHECK
Stockings and heels. CHECK, CHECK
Foot worship, S/M, E-stim, strapons... CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

Throw in some hardcore CBT and the pleasure of meeting Satine Phoenix (we're gonna shoot together soon!), and color me satisfied.

After the shoot, I had to go to a very vanilla Christmas party. Talk about culture shock! Here I was straight from a thoroughly nasty (in a good way) day of shooting all of the dirty things I'm into, surrounded by soccer moms, crock pots and a couple of cops. Is it strange that I'm more comfortable with the former than the latter? LOL

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Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Wow, TwoRocks!! I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't actually looked at my profile in a while. I'll be sure to see what I can do to fix it. Maybe there's something about it in the forums.

Thanks for the MySpace URL, Steen! :)

I've dutifully sent you my pervy pal invite, pronto!

Speaking of MySpace: their thought police has killed all the pics to your websites on your profile, and the links along with them (they are just redirecting to the MySpace home page)!

Those @1$##*&&?|~~ers!

Steve (Diet Goedde) first brought this phenomenon to my attention, and I've noticed it since on a lot of profiles. My own (affiliate) links to all my Favorite Fetish Goddesses' websites aren't working any more, either!

Those @1$##*&&?|~~ers!

Time for a little palace revolution! Maybe I should build my own "MySpace for Grown-Ups" in 2008. After all, I already have the perfect domain for it: (Tagline: "The secure way to lay and get laid online";)

All I need to do is get off my lazy @$$.

Okay, I promise I'll stop procrasting... first thing tomorrow! ;)


Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Thanks, TwoRocks. Glad you enjoyed the photos! January's amazing and I'm sure I'll be working with her again...

My MySpace URL is See you there!

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Thanks for posting these very hot pics, Christine! :)

I was hoping for some "interrogation and e-stim" pics of January when you first posted the "At the ranch" pics. Pony play isn't really my thing, but these shots are "right on the money" for me!

Hey, okay, I admit: "everything January" is right on the money for me... I simply cannot resist her combination of beauty and naughtiness.

So thanks for making my day. :)

Now hand me that power box and let me fiddle with those knobs for a while... I need to see her squirm a little >:)

One more thing, Christine: I have a little fetish-focused circle of friends on MySpace, and I'd like to invite you to "join the club", but so far I haven't been able to locate you there.

Would you mind posting your MySpace URL here in the blog comments? Thanks!


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