File under: I have no time to spare... 

Because I don't have enough things to do... I bring you alternate viewing options. Looks kinda cool, huh?

Steen - love this "comic-strip" view .....

I loves the comic strip style! Just like "Heroes", only 1000 times better, cuz it's with LatexGalore(sm), and January gets the electro stim treatment from Jade.

Now hand me that power box already, will ya? I gots to see my January squirm a little!

BTW: is that the PES electro power box Jade's holding? I was at Dante's PES store in Vegas a while back and pondered buying the Samurai and the PES power box, but I thought the grand total was a bit steep, and isn't that other programmable thingie, the 312B much, a much better power unit?

Anyhoo, my gal wanted to run out of the store when she saw the Samurai, her eyes wide at the thought that I'd be using it on her. Good thing I had her on a leash...


Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Patrick.... Aren't you sneaky! LOL

That guy looks like he is in pain.

The girls sure are Purty though!

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Of course!

January Seraph 
I LOVE this! Can I repost it on my blog?



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