Stoya one 
At least this one gave me credit. That's something...

Silly TwoRocks 
Ah, Steen, you're a Doll! :)

Thanks for letting me end the year on a high note! (Yes, Falsetto, nothing less!)

That video clip is nicely done, and set to the awesome choir from Orff's Carmina Burana, no less! Thanks for reposting it here. :)

You may collect your reward here:

Disclaimer: I won't be held responsible if this tune gets stuck in your head for days, or if you fall on the floor, rolling around laughing >:)

Oh, you no speak Germlish?

No worries... I've posted the dirty lyrics over at Rubberdoll's forum:

When you vote in the poll, please pick "lap dance" for me... :D

Thank you kinkly in advance. (Hmmm... my spell checker must be broken... or is the Pink Champagne already getting to me? ;)

Yours truly,

Albern ZweiStein®

Sorry, I forgot you don't speak Germlish, so make that...

Silly TwoRocks®


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