Update - 2 January, 2008 

Boots and Stalking with Ruby Luster - In the Legs Gallery

These photos were taken during our trip to the Pacific Northwest this past summer. Rummaging through Ruby's suitcase, I found the most amazing knee boots. Gorgeous, black and shiny with the most extreme arch. She told me that she took these with her to every shoot but no one had asked her to wear them... You can bet that I did! They were so beautiful, so intense, such classic fetish boots; Ruby could barely walk in them. I loved watching her teeter over to the stairs taking the tiniest little steps. I could tell, too, just how sexy she felt wearing them for me. More from this shoot here!

She's a Jewel with Nicolla - In the Corset Gallery

When Nicolla and I shoot, she usually has every outfit and every set all planned out. This time, though, I threw her a curve ball by bringing along extra things to dress her in, like this beautiful corset by Exquisite Restraint. I know Nic loves corsets, and knew that the rich purple jewel tones would look amazing against her skin. She's got such a tight body that even though she's slim, she wears a larger corset size than some of my other models. There's just no cushion on the girl. That didn't prevent us from lacing it down all the way closed, nice and tight! More from this shoot here!

Mistresses of Suck with Persephone, Lorraine, and slave - In the Latex Gallery

Lorraine informed me that her slave would be visiting LA from Germany and that he'd always had a thing for Mistress Persephone. Being the superb hostess that I am, I arranged for his dreams to come true. I set up a shoot date with him and both amazing women, and this gallery is one of the results. Inside the shiny red latex VacBed is one very happy man. Who wouldn't be happy with two gorgeous rubber-clad Mistresses getting their jollies while you're trapped inside heavy rubber bondage?

Pretty Puffs with Stoya - In the Smoking Gallery

For my smoking fans... This week's bonus gallery is made up of some outtakes from a recent shoot with Stoya. At the beginning of the set, she was puffing away on her cigarette. She decided to put it out, though, so she could have her hands free to play with herself the rest of the time. Rather than chuck the smoking photos, I decided to make a little gallery out of them. Wouldn't want to deprive anyone of seeing Stoya's lovely lips wrapped around that lucky cigarette. =) More from this shoot here!

Silly TwoRocks 
"Hey! I got another one!"

"Say it ain't so! Where are the orderlies when you need them? Does anybody have his straightjacket? Yeah, the heavy black rubber one..."

"These boots are made for stalking, and that's just what they'll do, and one of these days these boots are gonna stalk all over you... dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun... are you ready, boots?"

*Exits stage before the orderlies can get to him*

Silly TwoRocks 
*Spontaneously breaks into song and dance - again!*

"Puff, the magic Stoya, smokes by the sea..." (Peter, Paul, and Mary ain't got nut'n on me!)

"Shut up!" "But I got another one!"

"Ruby, my love,
You値l be my love
You値l be my sky above
Who値l be my light
You値l be my light
You値l be my day and night
You値l be mine tonight!"
(Cat Stevens - Rubylove)

Ruby: You'll be mine to night... oh yeah! :))


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