Update - 16 January, 2008 

I shot Emily at Michael Helms' house last year. In this set, she wore pasties, sheer panties, fishnet stockings, and her fancy Louboutins. OMG, she was so gorgeous in the summer shade, her body amazing, eyes smoldering... I can never get enough of Emily. Read more about this shoot here!

OK... Emily's amazing. So is Jewell Marceau. I have to watch myself or every single post will be about how "amazing" my sexy friends are.... But it's true! In this gallery, Jewell wears custom latex by Atsuko Kudo. In the beginning, at least. You see, Jewell's a naughty girl and you just can't keep clothes on her. Not that you'd want to! I was more than pleased when she revealed her famous breasts, and still happier when the big black vibrator disappeared into her pussy. =) More about this shoot here!

This week's bonus gallery features the lovely Miss Betka in latex on the streets of Downtown LA. She not only turned heads, but a few brave souls even came up to ask her about it. Consider it a public service... More about this shoot here!

I shot stills of Jean Bardot wearing a red rubber catsuit and hood, sucking air through my liquid rebreather bottle. Not only did she look fucking amazing (duh) but the sound was phenomenal! Bubbles piled upon bubbles, breath straining more with each passing minute... So, VIDEO! I'm really pleased with this one. Fans of latex and breath play will be as well! More from this shoot here!

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