Drip drip drip 
It's been dumping rain for days, and though I love it, it's making it hard to drive in LA. The city's just not set up for it...

I'm on my way to another shoot in a minute, but I wanted to post a photo from yesterday's shoot with Angela Ryan (and her new boobs) and Emily Marilyn. Darenzia popped in later, but I just have time to show you one photo. Will upload samples from the rest of the day later. =)

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I agree. I'm a fan of little boobs. But I learned a long time ago that it's more important to support your friends, and that these kinds of augmentations can have a very significant impact on a woman's self esteem. She seems really happy with her new look, and I will support her in her decision. =)

I didn't think there was anything wrong with her old boobs...


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