Update - 30 January, 2008 

At the Lodge with Darenzia - In the Legs Gallery

Darenzia is easily on of my favorite leg models. Her long, graceful legs are gorgeous and she's got a genuine love of hosiery and heels. In this gallery, she wears a beautiful dress over sheer lingerie and beautiful stockings, showing off her ballerina's body for my camera. I loved every minute of it. =)

Mirror, Mirror 1 with Stoya - In the Corset Gallery

I think it's pretty obvious that I get a real thrill out of dressing beautiful girls in fetish finery. It was a thrill to lace Stoya into a beautiful corset by Exquisite Restraint, tightening and cinching as her tiny waist grew even smaller. I had her placed before a wall of mirrors and let her go to town, staring at herself as she played with her nipples and pussy, and giving me two beauties to photograph instead of one. More about this shoot here!

Going Parking with Betka Schpitz - In the Latex Gallery

Last year, while Betka was in town, we spent a long day shooting with Gwen. At one point, while Gwen was resting, B dressed herself all in white rubber and we ran out to the parking lot to take photos. It was an unexpected bonus during an already terrificly rubber-filled day. More from the day here!

Latex Summer with Jewell Marceau - New Video

Is there a better way to celebrate the end of summer than to join Jewell Marceau in her pool? Even better if she's covered in latex. We had a blast shooting this video, floating and swaying in the water, watching her get wetter and wetter... More from this day here!


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