Darenzia and ZoŽ Britton 
Earlier this week, I had the awesome pleasure of shooting Darenzia and ZoŽ Britton at Winky Waco (our pal, Octavio's compound). I hadn't shot ZoŽ for a couple years and the last time was for Danni's Hard Drive. I'm so excited to have her on my own site because she's fucking hot.

We had way too much fun, two hot babes, an amazing makeup artist (Jennifer Corona), piles of latex and lingerie, so many sexy shoes, Octavio's antics... Genius. I think D and ZoŽ met at this year's AVN in Vegas. They met, hung out, partied, and developed a chemistry that's seriously palpable. I think they should get naked together all the damn time. Them together is so great, in fact, that we've already planned to do it again in a couple days. I can't fucking wait!!

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Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Ancilla - LET'S SHOOT AGAIN!!!


NSK - You crack my shit up. lol

Those are some hot pix ya got going on there.

And yeah D and Z are as thick as thieves... sexy, erotic thieves erotically stealing something sexy.

I love it!! Looks great. Top right one is YUM!


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