Update - 20 February, 2008 

Dirty, Sexy Romance with Darenzia & Ulorin Vex - In the Legs Gallery

There's something about this gallery that really works for me. Darenzia and Ulorin are so perfect together. Not only are they both uniquely beautiful, but they feed off of each other's love of sexy lingerie and stockings. More from this shoot here!

Punk Rock Bondage with Miss Conduct - In the Sessions Gallery

Miss C makes two appearances this week. First in this BDSM gallery, and also in a video. We just shot these a couple months ago. She came down to LA to visit and she and Randy were itching for some fun. I just followed them out to my backyard and let them do what came naturally.

Miss Rubber with Miss Conduct - **New Video**

I bring you a new video this week. Miss Conduct in a sexy latex hood with a transparent rubber face and a tight corset doing what she does best... Looking fierce...

Wooden with Betka Schpitz - In the Latex Gallery

This week's bonus gallery features the lovely Miss Betka Schpitz in a custom latex outfit by Vex Clothing. Ms. B and I shot this up in the woods in Oregon during one of our trips to the mountains. I quite like the feel of these photos. They seems so timeless.

Cant... stop... staring...at... miss...conduct...


she really is something.


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