Kink Ball 08 
A couple weekends ago, I attended Kink Ball weekend here in LA. Friday night, Gwen and I hit the event at Bordello. Decked out in full rubber, we shot the shit with Steve Diet Goedde, Eric Kroll, Perry Gallagher, Rubberdoll, Tony Mitchell and a bunch of our other pervy pals. Saturday, Perry and Michael Helms picked me up and we headed to the Key Club for another party. Rubberdoll and Anastasia Pierce did a wild performance, and we hung out with Jewell Marceau, Sonny Black, January Seraph, and more people than I could possibly name. It was great to see all of my fetish friends without having to travel. =)

And, best of all, I got to hang out with Stoya, whom I don't see nearly often enough.

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January Seraph 
It was great hanging with you too!
I LOVED the blue catsuit you had on!


I believe the t is silent in fetish. "fe'ish"


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