$$$$ex Tape 
Marilyn Monroe sex film? Wow. Gotta wonder, though, if the buyer is so concerned with her privacy, why doesn't he just destroy it? Maybe he needs to watch it ever lonely Friday night just to make sure no one has stolen it and defiled her memory.

I just think the quality would be so shitty, that no one would really care that much at this point. DiMaggio was said to have had interest in it, just to keep it hush-hush... Who really cares at this point... I mean really...?

And Ed Asner would sell ba-jillions on the intertubes... TRUST me. That is a real number I did not just make up.

Yes, I was wondering the exact same thing...

To be fair, I have a hardcore video of Jon Bon Jovi and Ed Asner. I only keep it so nobody else will ever know about the love they shared.


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