Visits and revisitation 
My friend, Raymond, is here visiting from NYC. I haven't seen him in years, since my last trip to New York, actually. We've been close for over a decade, our friendship having been forever sealed by countless marathon games of canasta, and I do miss him all of the time. Last night we drove way the fuck out to Pomona to see Love and Rockets. It was like my old friend and I were visiting my other old friends. The oldest concert t-shirt I own (well, that I actually bought at a show) is my Love and Rockets t-shirt from 1985 when I saw them at the Palladium in Hollywood, opening for Siouxsie and the Banshees. Despite the drive, problems with the sounds system, and the weird all-ages (no bar) venue, they were great. All of my favorite old songs were sung and I was so completely happy.

I guess my friends and I are getting to be of a "certain age". All of my favorite bands when I was a teenager are starting to tour again and I'm so down for the reunion bandwagon. Bauhaus started touring again a while ago, and I've seen Soft Cell, The Creatures, English Beat, I have tickets for Yaz. Last year there was this 80s concert at the Hollywood Bowl with ABC, The Psychedelic Furs, and Human League (who were spectacular, btw)... It's been amazing to see all of the acts I missed the first time around, if slightly sad. I'm not THAT old, and they're all older than me. Kinda odd seeing old men playing that don't fit my mental images, but I'm still going.

I'm looking at the LA Weekly and there are upcoming shows with Alien Sex Fiend, Specimen, Duran Duran, The Police, Elvis Costello, DI, etc. etc. I remember when K.C. and the Sunshine Band started touring years and years ago and how sad and funny we thought that was; bloated old guys in sparkly shirts and all. Is this the same thing? Kinda, huh?

January Seraph 
I loved Raymond! He's awesome!

Tell him I said "hi"!



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