January and Scar 
I had a shoot booked a while ago for yesterday but everything seemed to fall apart at the last moment. The makeup artist flaked. One of the models flaked. But we pulled it together at the last minute. January was still in and I arranged for Scar to join us. We met over at my friend's house and shot for most of the afternoon. It turned out to be a whole lot of fun, and I think that the girls hit it off so well that they're planning other shoots behind my back. LOL Obviously, I'm kidding. The world needs more of those two together. =)

We did three girl/girl scenes and two exclusive solos for Fetish By Anna. As inevitably happens, I love the solos and I'm somewhat bummed that I can't use them on my own site, but I'm happy they'll be out there and FBA is a great site, so it's all good. =)

We started the day with January's solo. She looked amazing in a little latex polka-dotted dress. Then, after Scar arrived, we moved into the bedroom and January topped Scar in a smokin' hot bdsm scene. For the stills, they played with restraints, a crop, and clothespins on Scar's labia. The action continued for the video with some awesome violet wand play. The girls needed a bit of a breather after that, so I dressed them in sexy lingerie and stockings and let them just make out for a while. LOL Scar had a special request after that. She wanted to be dressed in pantyhose encasement and I was happy to oblige. January dommed again with bondage, gags, and some good old corporal punishment. The day ended with Scar's solo set for FBA, in a sexy transparent green latex dress and killer heels.

I love it when that happens. =)

Lapin Blanc 
Nice view of my passion.
very nice blog

January Seraph 
Thanks for such a great shoot, and for introducing me to such a fun and hot girl!


Oh....break my heart.

But thank you for your quick response (and beautiful photos of them).

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Hi Carolyn. They're from The Highest Heel, but they haven't had them for years. Sorry... =(

In the picture of Scar in the transparent green latex on the couch, she is wearing beautiful shoes. I have to admit--I was totally mesmerized by them! Can you tell me who made them?

I think I NEED some.


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