Gwen and January part deux! 
I spent an awesome day yesterday with January Seraph, Smutty, Gwen, and her sniveling slave-boy. It was at once leisurely and intense. We shot video and stills of only two scenes, but they were doozies!

In the first, Gwen had January caged, cropped, and clipped... In that order. January wore only latex stockings, garter belt, and bra and Gwen had her on all fours getting the attention of her riding crop. Then, as drool steadily dripped from her gag, January's nipples were tortured. The scene ended with first a healthy pounding by a generously sized dildo, then clips pinching her labia. Fun!!

The ladies needed some down-time after that to regroup (who can blame them) but once they'd rested, they were back at it full-force. January was cuffed and chained to a bed while Gwen used pumps on her breasts and pussy. I brought along my Relax-a-ciser (e-stim toy) and some electro attachments and let Gwen go to town with them. The stills look great but you'll have to watch the video to see the full orgasmic glory!

Did I mention lately how much I love my pervy pals? ;)

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