Marina St. Mark 
After years of talking about it, Marina St. Mark and I finally shot together day before yesterday. Lemme tell ya... She was worth the wait! We spent all day together which was an added bonus. I really enjoyed getting to know her better. We met when she was the hostess of a club in Hollywood and have really only spent time together out at parties and a few smaller social gatherings, but this was our first chance for some one-on-one. She's awesome.

And gorgeous.

But I knew that all along.

I felt a little bit of pressure going into this shoot. Totally self-imposed. She has such beautiful photos by photographers I really respect, like Perry Gallagher, Michael Helms, and Steve Diet Goedde, I really wanted to live up to them. I needn't have worried, though. Marina was a joy to work with and the day went so well. I'm really pleased with the results.

She's been working for Fierce Couture and arrived with a ton of latex that she's designed and made for herself, all of it beautiful. We were on a roll and ended up shooting nearly everything she brought. The only non-latex was a beautiful corset by our friend Simone of Exquisite Restraint.

After shooting, we met my friend, Ruben, for dinner at my local Korean sushi restaurant where my opinion of Marina grew even stronger. That girl is an adventurous eater and that counts for a lot in my book... LOL

Yesterday, Gwen picked me up for a little excursion over to DomCon. Last year I had a booth so I really appreciated the fact that we could just breeze in and out. We saw the aforementioned Simone, plus Jean Bardot, Anastasia Pierce, Jeweel Marceau, Mistress Minax, Jody Cortes, and my pal Mistress Zoe from Arizona. It was nice to hang out with everyone, and interesting to see some of the same faces from last year, in the same fetish attire, doing the same things. LOL Honestly, there's a man who walks around with a video camera on the end of a pvc pipe, the camera hovers an inch or two above the floor and he video tapes women's shoes as they walk by. Or the pair of sissies wearing the same pink and black maid outfits they pranced around in last year. Those fetishists have got their sexuality completely dialed in and I'm sure next year I'll recognize them once again. =) It's terrific that we live in a time when they are able to express their sexuality so freely. It may not be my thing, but I'm happy that they have a safe outlet and are free to be themselves with a minimum of judgement.

I found it interesting that the event was held at a major hotel on Mother's Day. Upstairs, in the lobby, were countless families, mothers dolled up for their big day, kids running around screeching, and perverts in black pvc and latex. I felt kind of bad for the families because I bet they had a lot to explain to their kids.

I didn't make it out unscathed. I ended up dropping some serious cash at the Huse booth. Their electrical toys were too good to pass up. Can't wait to use them!

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Amazing images of Marina!! Lovely light and the latex looks great with a fantastic deep shine, the fact it's worn by Marina makes it even better! Fantastic captures.

I've known about "The Christine Kessler" for some time and have seen your work on numerous sites and in quite a few mags, but only recently stumbled across your blog. Will be sure to keep checking in from now on.

Steen, you are so damn talented.

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
awww, michael. that's very sweet. =)

and, duke... you'll have to ask marina about that. i don't know if fierce is offering it for sale or not.

Ah, man.. That copper outfit is gorgeous!!!!! Im on the hunt!

Christine your work is really beautiful, I think your photo's are on par with the work of Perry, Michael and Steve, and as we all know they're all exceptional photographers.
I really enjoy seeing your work, your use of light is always very well done.



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