It's been a couple years but finally my schedule and Geisha's were in synch. I had her meet me at my friend, The Sack's, house. She was late, her makeup wasn't done, she'd lost her phone, and still it was a terrific day. Go figure. LOL

The catsuit photos (and matching video) are exclusives shot for Fetish By Anna. Sorry, kids. You'll have to join Anna's site to see more of those. =)

A little side note about how rad my friends are... I posted the photos above in the order we shot them. In the second to last set, she's wearing a tight corset, as you can see. When we'd finished and she removed her corset, she groaned with relief and said that she was happy to have it off as it was very restrictive and she was a bit tired after all of our shooting. I was providing the wardrobe for the last set and had the catsuit and boots ready for her. I spotted a shiny black pvc corset in my bag of goodies and asked if she wanted to wear that too. She told me that she couldn't resist corsets (duh)... "I don't know what it is about corsets, but when I see them I have to wear them!" That-a-girl!!

In addition to Geisha's smokin' hotness, I am in love with those red sparkly shoes. They're simply gorgeous. I had actually seen them before when Emily and Ruby and I were in SF, but they were really expensive. Geisha managed to get them for an amazing price at a store right near my house. So, today... AN EXPERIMENT. Let's see if you have to be a beautiful Asian girl to get a good deal on shoes, shall we? I'm off to find out now.

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she is insanely beautiful, she should be a lot more famous for her modeling then what she is, i will support her until she stops. congrats.



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