Experiment Results 
I mentioned my experiment in the Geisha post below. I set out to see if you had to be a hot Asian girl to get a good deal on shoes. Well, I went to the same store as she did, tried on the same shoes, and showed absolutely no willpower by trying on a second pair as well. LOL

Both pairs were the same price and the shop girl said if I bought both that they'd give me a good deal. Well, when Geisha bought them, she paid 41% of the asking price. If I agreed to buy both pairs, their best offer was 63% of the list price. I told the owner that my friend had come in and bought them, told me about it, and that's why I was there. I told him what she paid and he said, "well, yes, i am giving you a deal!" I kindly did the math for him to no avail. It wasn't until I mentioned his hypocrisy, that my friend was a hot Asian model, that with a scowl, he relented.

Let's hear it for guilt and my new totally frivolous shoes! Weee!

Angela Ryan 
i have been trying to buy those shoes online and i can't find them in my size anywhere! can you go back and get me a pair too?! lol.


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