30 days 
The other night, I spent a rare few hours on the couch catching up with Tivo. I got so angry watching 30 days that I went to bed fuming.

In that episode of the very interesting documentary series, they had this Mormon cunt from Orange County (she was adopted as a child and had two adopted children of her own) go to live with a same-sex couple in Michigan. These two wonderful guys had adopted four boys as well (one of them a "special needs" child).

The purpose of the episode was to challenge the cunt's view of same-sex couple adoption. She believes that it's morally wrong for gays or lesbians to adopt children. Despite experiencing the loving, nurturing environment the two men had created, meeting their friends and family, attending support groups and seeing other children loved by gay parents, she was not having it. She kept spewing her hateful rhetoric, constantly contradicting herself and just reinforcing the fact that religious fuckheads will be the downfall of this world.

I mean, they even had her meet with two adults from the area who had been foster children. They told her about how horrible it was to live in group homes, the devastation of being shuttled from one uncaring family to another. They expressed their misery as children and explained to her that they would have loved to have been adopted and it wouldn't have mattered if the adoptive parents were gay, straight, black, white, or anything else. And yet, this douchebag bitch basically said that all those foster children should go fuck themselves. That the only people who should be parents are married men and women.

I bet if she took her head out of her ass for a second and took a little peek down the street from her house, she'd find that a large proportion of the families were divorced. And if she looked further, she'd find terrible abuses and neglect perpetrated by those same straight mothers and fathers.

It drives me bananas. In the end, she was driven to tears and though she claims it's because she was being attacked for her morals, it was really because she's spent her life as a non-thinking sheep, following what she'd been told without ever questioning it. Being surrounded by proof that her teachings are utterly incorrect, she was frustrated to the point of meltdown. God forbid (literally) that she should have to face the real truth that her Christian ideologies are a bunch of bullshit.

Throughout the episode, she'd plaster this fake smile on her face and tell the gay fathers that it was "nothing personal". One of the men explained to her that it was "persona"l because she (and her ilk) wanted to legislate against adoption by same-sex couples. Cunt said that she had her morals and they had theirs and that each should do as they morally saw fit. Again, and with great patience, he demonstrated to her that though that would be ideal, she wanted to make it illegal, so that contradicts what she had just stated. And then, at the end of the show, she had the NERVE to be offended when he told her that he could not be her friend! How could anyone be friends with someone who wants to make their generosity and ability to love a child illegal?

Let me make it clear, here, that I am childless by choice. I do not wish to ever have children. I have neither the money, the patience, or the desire to do it. Though children are not for me, I applaud those men and women who so selflessly open their lives to children who are in need. They are the good guys. These religious zealots and their antiquated beliefs are the ones who are bringing this country and this very world to its knees. They should be ashamed.

I'll stop now though I could go on and on. It's been two days since I watched it and I'm still seething...

They'll have the full episode (30 Days, season 3, episode 4) up on Hulu shortly, but for now they have some clips available.

I missed that episode!

The irony is that this woman is not going to the same heaven as other Mormons because she wasn't born Mormon.... technically she's a convert, which puts her on a different level.(Unless her adoptive parents specified they wanted a Mormon baby.... Mormons are very keen on tracking their family trees and ancestry since they are Israelites who came over here in boats... I can't make this stuff up.)
And ditto for her two adopted kids.
And she's a female, which puts her in an even different heaven level than male Mormons.

Religions iz fun.

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Ahhhh, Gimpy... Had a feeling this would bring you out of the woodwork. =)

the gimp 
I avoid these shows because they cause me to throw things and yell and be in a horrid mood for quite a while as well.

In a related story, there was a gay couple in (Amsterdam?) who wanted to have their own foster child. Long story short, they were opposed at every step of the way, and in the end the state gave them (more than once, i might add) the worst of the worst problem-children and special-needs children. They cared for them willingly, adopted a few, and many if not all turned out to be perfect people who only needed a home that was stable enough and loving enough to grow up in instead of a new foster home every 4 months like they had been experiencing.

Fuck a mormon and in fact, fuck a fundamentalist. Especially those behind the Orange Curtain.

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Don, I couldn't agree more. There are good and bad people in every aspect of society. Gay, straight, atheists, clergy, perverts, etc. Obviously, I'm one of the good atheist perverts, and the gay couple on the show are good gays. What it boils down to is that there are good and bad people. Period. It's nice to read your refreshing point of view.

I couldnt agree with you more about the cunt.I am a christian but i am not blind to the contradictions in the bible and do not take them for facts.A kind and loving god would bless these gay people for taking these children when so many so calleds normal people do nothing for anyone besides themselves.I am not gay but i believe they are born gay and most seem just like everybody else you meet in this life i mean sure there are some weird ones but they are the exception not the rule.


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