Moustache Night 
A couple weeks ago, Jean Bardot swooped through town so we all met over at Anastasia's house to celebrate. Though I had to suffer through Madonna (again!) we had a whole lotta fun. It culminated in Mustache Night. We all had mustaches drawn on our fingers, with the excpetion of Ana and Liam who apparently like sharpies to mark their faces.

I love Ana and this photo is a good example why!

In this shot, we're sending mustache love to Frenchy. We = Liam, Me, Jean, Mina, and Bob.
Clearly, Liam is scary and Bob is scared. LOL

At various other points in the evening, we watched the best/worst movie ever, and Sonny Black had brought over one of his ball cages. At one moment, I was talking with Darenzia, and next thing I knew, Mina was inside the cage being pummeled by a fucking machine.

Life is good, dear reader...


Seriously... how do I always miss the good stuff? I don't even have a job!!!

PS. Add my blog to your "blogs of note" sidebar, dammit!

AH man, I gotta find who has the pics with me in it too!!!


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