I know I've been slacking on posting, and I apologize. I've just been so busy with other work that I let the blog slide. Shame on me, I know. ;)

Apnea blew through town recently and stayed the night at my house. We had a shoot scheduled and I had a ton of super-hot latex for her (by Latex Nemesis, don't ya know...) but she didn't arrive until 9pm so we had to seriously pare down the shoot list. I was disappointed because we hadn't shot in so long and she's always so much fun to work with. She's promised me a return visit in September and I'm going to hold her to it.

I picked her up at Union Station, downtown, and we headed over to my pal, James Willing's pad. (He's such a giver, taking one for the team. How awful it must be for him when I bring hot babes over so they can get naked and climb all over his furniture...) We shot for hours, til James was falling asleep, then headed back to my house. We just barely had time to eat pupusas the next day before I dropped her back off to catch another train.

First thing's first. Sutan gave me this bag of wardrobe about a year ago. I think it was stuff from ANTM. Well, in the bag was this ridiculous sequined jumpsuit and it had "Apnea" written all over it. So, after carrying it around with me forEVER, it finally made it into a shoot. I gave it to her when she left, so we'll see if it shows up again.

The following shots feature yummy latex by Latex Nemesis. The pink set is an exclusive for Fetish By Anna.

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Hey Joćo, I'll tell you a little secret...
The nylon skirt isn't. I had Apnea climb into one leg of a pair of footless tights. the other leg is tucked up into her corset. Pretty crafty, huh? =)

That nylon skirt looks great! I'd love to get my hands on one. :)
The shot is very nice BTW. :P

Liked 1st and last a lot.

wooooo!!!!! you one lucky lady!!! I love Apnea and miss her much!!!

Hell, I miss you too!!!


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