At long last - Kayla 
Kayla Jane and I have been planning to shoot for, literally, years. I don't know why it took so long... Schedules, lives, proximity... Finally, though, yesterday was the day, and I'm so glad it finally happened. She's smokin' hot and so much fun. And buried deep inside the tan, angelic tattooed facade beats the heart of a true pervert. xoxo!

In the following two images, the latex (with the exception of the corset) is by Latex Nememsis. Thanks, Nemy!!

The last image of Kayla in the spanking skirt was shot exclusively for Fetish By Anna.

A whopping big thanks to our generous host, for suffering through nude hotness while we shot at his place. ;)

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Samantha Love 
I love the one of her in the medical shorts, the red heels really make the whole image pop. She's a really lovely model as well :)


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