The Chart Does Flow 
So, this morning, my soon-to-be-employed friend, Evan, sent me a link to a funny graphic. He is particularly skilled at doing that. For example, he sent this one a few weeks ago.

<wipes tears from eyes>... Still gets me. LOL

Anyways, back to today. I'm working, minding my own business, when his little IM window pops up with a link to the following image.

Though Evan is claiming "I Rule! At Fuckin. My Job. Is Truckin. Don't Stop. Keep Suckin" as his very own, I'm pretty fond of "Thanks. Here's a dollar. In change. Mostly pennies."

A short trip to the Goog helped me discover the source. It's

Well done!!

Catalyst Echo 
"Oh the huge manatee" still gets me too.

That Venn diagram is priceless!


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