Anna and Ana 
Originally, Anna Rose was going to stay the night tonight, but she ended up having to skip town earlier than expected. That made the five hours we got to spend together all the more valuable. Back when she was planning her trip, we talked about all of the amazing latex she was going to bring along and I got real excited. Since so much of it is heavy rubber, the kind that plays well with others, I suggested that we invite Anastasia Pierce along too.

Our location fell through, but the bears came to the rescue, letting me shoot at their place again. Thanks Hunter and Charlie!

Seriously, I want to hijack Anna's suitcase and hold all of her rubber hostage. I need more money and a MUCH bigger latex wardrobe. =)

We only had those few hours to shoot, so I hope I get another chance with Anna Rose in the future.

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Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Evan - It's not enough!!! MUST HAVE MORE!!!

Crystal - That-a-girl!

Anna Rose - I can't wait!!

Anna Rose 
Great pictures, I can't wait to see the rest of them! It was wonderful to work with you, Christine! And not to forget Anastasia. She is so hot and sexy. I am really glad you liked the things I brought for our photoshoot. Next time when I will come I will bring more latex and if you want I will make sure to bring even more restraining heavy rubber ;-) You will get Uwe's "behind-the-scenes" pictures as soon as we are home.

Latex is gorgeous... something in latex looks good on just about everyone. I've never actually worn any myself but I am thinking of expanding my clothing design to include it.

-- C

Steen... don't feel bad. Your latex collection dwarfs those of us mere mortals.

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
I know, Samantha.... It's an investment to be sure. And btw.... thanks for commenting. ;)

Samantha Love 
I love them! Latex is just so expensive, I'd kill to have any sort of a collection but I had to save up my pennies just to get the one dress I have haha.


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