Zivity Bootcamp - The official details 
The Zivity Photography Bootcamp is an all day intensive workshop geared
towards bringing your photography to the next level. Taught by three
internationally published photographers recognized as the top in their
field, the Zivity Bootcamp is your chance to step up your game in the
competitive world of photographing female models. Starring three amazing
(and highly sought after) models, the Zivity Bootcamp pulls no stops drawing
upon the local fashion and makeup scene as well to bring you a one of a kind
event. Held at the spacious Blue Sky Studio in San Francisco, the Zivity
Bootcamp is your chance to work with top talent and your chance to get
one-on-one time working with all three models.

Course includes lecture and demonstration of the following topics:
Natural lighting
Studio lighting
Content photography- producing photo ³sets²
Model interaction lessons including how to work with a nude model
Photo retouching and workflow

Q: Why should I pay twice as much for the Zivity Bootcamp as these other
workshops I see happening?
A: Most other workshops around fall into two categories; the group shoots
and the limited ³art nude² workshops. At the group shoots you have a bunch
of photographers and a bunch of models eager for portfolio shots. With
little direction and almost no chance to work with the models one-on-one you
will never get the shot you are looking for. At the art nude shoots you get
direction but in a very limited scope. Art nude workshops tend to center
around beautiful, but a very basic style of photography.
At the Zivity Bootcamp you will get a wide range of instruction and a chance
to work one on one with every model and you will get a chance to pick the
brains of all the instructors.

Q: San Francisco is too far for me to travel, when are you going to hold a
workshop in my area?
A: Good question! Go to http://bootcamp.zivity.com and submit your email
to get updates for upcoming photography events. If you have a desire to
have us hold one in your area please email us a message with your request:
[email protected]. If we get enough interest in your area we would love to
come out.

Q: What level of experience do I need to attend this class?
A: All we ask is that you own your own DSLR camera, and know how to work it
in manual mode. If you know what the difference is between ISO, Aperture,
and Shutter speed you should do fine. This class is geared towards
photographers that can use their cameras and want to get better shots.
There won¹t be long discussions about lighting math or things like that. We
will teach you how to get the shots using the tools on your camera. If we
teach you how to ³see² the shots you want and get them, that is a lot more
valuable than any equation on paper.

I can't go and that is a shame... I think it would be amazing... to learn from the professionals. Maybe next time...


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