The other night, Bob was out of town and I was left to my own devices. I invited Kink over for a latex gluing lesson, and we were joined by Evan and Crystal. The evening lasted forever, was very informative, and gave me new appreciation for how much work goes into making latex garments. It's frustrating and time-consuming, and messy.

We started out with some repairs I needed done, and they were good for learning basic gluing and prep. Then, I had this "great idea". It went something like... "HEY KINK, I HAVE THIS DESIGN I WANT TO MAKE AND IT OUGHT TO BE REALLY SIMPLE!!" Boy, was I ever wrong. I worked on it that night (you can see my paper pattern in the photos below), and the next two days, and had to put it aside since I was leaving town. Now I'm back and I'm hoping I can finish it up at some point.

Someone needs to invent a glue that dries faster. All that waiting is for the birds!

What really made it all bearable was the awesome apron Kink let me wear. =)

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Catalyst Echo 
Actually, I had a lot of fun that night and learned a lot. I agree about the glue but since it needs to be such a specific vintage of glue... I wonder if the thinner idea would work. I plan to do some studies into that subject soon.

January Seraph 
That looks like a fun night!
Invite me next time?


Next time I'll have to do some crafting too instead of playing Trauma Center. That game is so damn addictive. I almost bought it yesterday.

Samantha Love 
I remember Mosh putting up a video showing how to glue latex but it seemed pretty hard to get it just right without bubbles. The stuff is expensive but I can't say I blame them seeing how hard it can be to put together a simple outfit. I can't wait to see your finished creation though :)

Hehe, yeah, it is time consuming. When you're getting really into it, the best is to have enough room to have several projects done at the same time.

And for the glue, you have to find the right amount of thinner mixed with the glue so it doesn't curl too much and dries fast enough. I think it depends of the humidity and temperature of where you work.


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