20 years 
My trip to SF served several purposes.

1) I was up there to see a concert.

2) I got to hang out with Miss Conduct... It's been too long.

3) I spent time with my pals Henry Lewis and Paul King.

4) I got to meet the Zivity crew face-to-face.

5) Seth, Christian and I got tattooed to commemorate 20 years of friendship.

Seth moved to SF a few months ago and Christian was visiting from Germany, so it worked out perfectly. We had my old friend, Barnaby, inflict the pain. The best thing I can say about that is that since both are now done, I'll never have to get my ditch tattooed again. It blows.

Christian brought me a very thoughtful gift that he got out of a vending machine in Germany. It was the mascot for my drive back to LA. LOL

Nothing says "road trip" like a little rubber penis squeak-toy bobbing around on the dashboard.

is it called a ditch? haha. Love the little rubber ducky! You seem like such a fun person. I really hope to shoot with you someday!

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Gimpy-poo... Send me a snap of yours and we'll photoshop it in. LOL

And, Evan... You're asking for it!!

Im still bummed that I couldn't stay for the 3-way photo op at the end. Nice going. Hippo trilogy fuh-ehav ! ! !

You need to come over here and drag that little hairy smurf over with you.

ógimp aka Christian

The tats make me think of how much I miss playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. You should name the penis Howard, after Howard the Duck.


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