I don't post much on my blog about politics and religion, because I like to keep things light and entertaining, etc. However, I'm really afraid for the future. This presidential election has seriously got me worried. And, I'm not the only one...

Matt Damon makes a very good point, don't you think? What if Palin was president? That is not a pleasant prospect. In addition to her lack of experience and lying about earmarks and the "Bridge to Nowhere", there's:

1) Banning books?!!!!?
2) She supports teaching creationism in schools (there's your dinosaur answer, Matt...)
3) She's anti-choice and, yeah... If some stranger violently rapes you and you become pregnant, GUESS WHAT? You're gonna carry that rape baby to term! Lucky you!!!
4) She believes in abstinence-only programs and doesn't want birth control taught.
5) etc, etc...

DEAR GOOD PEOPLE WHO ENJOY EROTIC ART, FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY, AND PORNO IN GENERAL... A VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS IS A VOTE AGAINST THE FREEDOM TO ENJOY THESE VERY THINGS! The disastrous Bush presidency not only made me embarrased to be an American, not only ruined America in the eyes of the world, not only destroyed our economy, but also enacted the ridiculous 2257 laws in an attempt to run down the industry of pornography. Whether or not you watch porn, it's awfully nice to know you have the freedom to do it if you so choose.

So, how about a country whose leaders don't base policy on fairy tales? How about not voting for a candidate who chose a poor running mate just so he could get the Hilary votes? How about personal freedoms? I like 'em. Don't you?

How on earth can Sarah Palin say there were Dinosaurs on the planet 4,000 years ago? Everyone knows that the fossils were put in the earth by God to test the faithful.

Or don't they teach that in schools anymore?

??? I watch TV and movies - and I "know" that America is The land of the free, so surely you've got nothing to worry about .......

Being half way across thw world we only get to see what the media shows us, but even I'm getting worried.

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Well, Samantha... You give me hope for the future. It's awfully refreshing to know there are 19 year olds out there who can talk about more than just drama and shopping. =) I'll be sure to check out your link, too. Thanks!

Samantha Love 
Argg the next time I hear another moron call Palin a feminist I think my head will fucking explode. It's so funny because I'm only 19 and the last couple of elections, well, I don't remember anything about them. I guess not having any ability to vote then made me think that I wouldn't care now. I figured I probably shouldn't vote because I've always believed that people who don't become informed about the candidates shouldn't. Well now I'm the most active 19 year old now and it's because I'm really so afraid of McCain and Palin in office.

For all the reasons you listed, Sarah Palin just makes me shudder. Oh and if you should have the audacity to be raped, she also made you pay for your rape kit, so there's another for the list.

And as far as McCain, I don't want some technologically illiterate idiot running the country in a completely digital age. But more importantly he voted against funding teen-pregnancy-prevention programs and ensuring that "abstinence-only" programs are medically accurate. Abstinence-only has been denounced by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Public Health Association. No studies have ever shown it works, and itís inherently anti-gay. And Henry Waxmanís 2004 study exposed fundie talking points embedded in the programs.
The proof is in the pudding. Teen pregnancy is up. STDs among teens are up. Nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of anti choice anti contraception morons who won't even let children be taught how to make there own decisions safely.

Well you hit my soft spot haha, anyone who talks about Palin has gotten the spiel from me though. I highly recommend tuning into the daily show for indecision 08 if you aren't already, they've been covering it brilliantly. My current favorite is this gem:
http://www.indecision2008.com/video/ind ... oId=184086


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