Bootcamp or Bust! 

I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow for the second time this month. This time, it's work-related, though. Zivity Bootcamp is on Saturday but I'm getting in a day early to settle in and meet everyone. I already know some of the Zivity team, one of the models (Mosh) and both the photographers (AddictedImage and Lithium Picnic). It's gonna be great!

I'm looking forward to the actual bootcamp as well. I'm teaching the portion on studio lighting. I hope I don't let anyone down. =)

Darling Propaganda 
You didn't let anyone down! It was a great class!

So when's Zivity Bootcamp Down Under kick-off?

Need to win lotto and get my butt over to the USA again and a stint in Euro land as well.

Best of luck with the teaching, but having seen your work for a long time now I'm sure you won't be needing it.


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