San Francisco was great. I don't know what happened last time, but I really wasn't feeling it. This time was a vast improvement.

I flew in Friday afternoon and met up with Mariya at Oakland airport. One $75 cab ride later, we arrived at our hotel in North Beach. We checked into our rooms then hit the pavement to kill some time before our meeting with the Zivity crew that evening.

The next day, I got up before dawn, showered, packed up my gear, and hoofed it over to Conan and Mischa's place. We caught a cab over to the studio and spent a few hours setting up lights and testing equipment.

The seminar went well, I think. I was pretty nervous but the feedback was good. Mosh, Mischa, and Mariya were terrific models and the attendees were all really eager to learn. I kept hearing them comment that they'd never before worked with such skilled models. I know how they feel because I am always aware of what a joy it is to shoot a girl who knows what she's doing.

After a twelve-hour day of bootcamp, we went back to the hotel and I shot a couple sets of Mariya. She pooped out and went back to her room, then Mosh and Philip came over and we trailed Mosh around the hotel shooting nudes in the elevators, halls, and stairwell.

The following day, Conan scored an AMAZING location. Mosh and Mischa were joined by the fourth M of the weekend, Micaela. The funny thing was that Micaela and Mariya were both Playboy models! Lucky us!! Our Oakland shoot was supposed to go from 11am-5pm, but no one was ready on time. I got up early again, went to rent a car, loaded up the gear, and still we waited. Luckily, the owner of the space was really really cool and let us start late and shoot later. We were at it til past 8pm.

The rest of the weekend was spent with friends. I couldn't have asked for anything better!




The photo, above, of Mischa in white latex was shot exclusively for Fetish By Anna. I'll have some shots of Micaela to upload soon, I'm just waiting for some paperwork from her. =)

Today, I shot with Apnea and Kayla Jane over at Perry Gallagher's place. I had told Perry about Kayla and knew he'd love to shoot her. As soon as she arrived, he picked his jaw up off the ground, called Michael Helms to join him, and they tag-teamed her upstairs while I shot Apnea downstairs. I'll have samples later...

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Catalyst Echo 
Wow. That mostly white photo, 3rd on the first row (https://myfetishdiaryblog.com/images/zivity-092008-bootcamp-010.jpg), is really stunning. I quite like the Oakland teaser set too. That location is great with the lighting you used.

Christine, thanks for teaching at Bootcamp. It was great.

Samantha Love 
Actually I'm in my sophomore year majoring in photographic technology (getting a B.S.) so I do know a decent amount, I just tend to think that I'm not at the level I'm capable of at all times. I need more confidence heh.

And Apnea does rule, she's my favorite :) Though Mosh is quickly becoming a favorite as well.

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
What an awesome photo, Samantha! Thanks for sharing it... =)

The requirements for the Bootcamp were that you owned a digital slr and knew how to use it. Nothing beyond that. The attendees varied in experience quite a bit. I know of at least one person who was there who'd only purchased her camera a couple weeks before. If you have a chance to attend something like that in the future, I'd recommend it. Alternately, you might just sign up for photo classes at your school....

And, I'm glad you liked the photos I sent with the book. Apnea kinda rules, huh?

Samantha Love 
I'm so incredibly jealous of everyone who was able to go to zivity. What an experience that must of been! I'm sure you were a fantastic teacher, and good models are definitely an experience to behold speaking as an amateur. However I do think I possibly might have been too much of an amateur, you know? Or maybe I'm too down on myself haha.

Me today:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v117/ ... /pervy.jpg

It's so BEAUTIFUL. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this book, it's officially my new coffee table book for all to behold :) And thanks so so much for the extra print, it's one of my favorites, and the pink hood is also a favorite.

As a matter of fact, I went to a fetish meeting last night at my university and when they talked about latex they showed one of the photos you took of Apnea in the pink pigtail hood and I got to answer a bunch of questions about who apnea was (since some of the girls in the audience squealed in excitement and others were curious as to why) as well as downsides of SG, I dropped your name too because I felt you should be credited :)

Sorry this turned into such a long comment, I hope you don't mind!


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