Apnea and Kayla 
Apnea is sitting beside me while she waits for her ride. She's being filmed for a special on Playboy TV, it's gonna be great! I'm going to be joining them later on, but am taking the morning to get some work done. First order of business is samples from yesterday. Check it:

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ah, shame. thanks for the links, though. i had seen the one of Darenzia before, but not the others.

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Hey hunkypapa... My friend, Milkboy, made those suits. Sorry... They're not for sale anywhere that I know of.

I love those suits too. Soooo much! That's why I keep shooting them on different people.

Nicolla and Raja

i love the zentai shot. where are the suits from?

Liking the nylon zentai. A personal pleasure of mine, I'm looking forward to seeing the full set - it looks like fun!!!


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