Apnea and Playboy 

Poor Apnea. She had a loooong day yesterday. The Playboy people picked her up at my house at 9am, and we didn't get back home until after midnight. As I mentioned before, I spent the morning doing some computer work, then went to meet them at the studio at 4pm.

Before I'd arrived, she'd already shot two sets with Perry Gallagher. Octavio was just setting up his lights when I walked in. Once Octavio had finished his two, it was my turn. We shot two solo sets, one video, and one girl/girl gallery with Apnea and the show's hostess, Kate Brenner. And, just for the record, the smokin' hot transparent latex dress and the outfits you sadly can't see on Apnea and Kate together, were made by the super-talented Alyssa of Black Lickorish.

It's always this way with these productions and a shoot that was supposed to end by 7pm lasted til well past 10. Not only was I photographing her, with the Playboy crew shooting me doing it, but afterward, I was interviewed and happily sang her praises. The show appears on the Playboy Channel and is called E-rotic. I can't imagine that it'll air before next year....

Exhausted, we ran off to get some dinner, then stopped by Octavio's house, then home. I was so tired that I didn't even download the photos before getting into bed. I know she was just as pooped, and she had to be perky for a shoot this morning.

I dropped her off at the airport a couple hours ago and won't see her again til December. Poo....

Here's a snapshot of one of my favorite moments of the day. We were setting up for our video shoot (Apnea looking fierce in a black catsuit and pink gasmask). When I looked over, she was texting on her phone and I just had to capture the image. It pretty much sums up my life. LOL

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Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Hey Sean,
The last photo is of Apnea and Kate. =) The full set will eventually go live on my site. Kate was very nice. I didn't spend much time with her because she was busy with hostess duties. But we had a lot of fun shooting the final set with her and Apnea. They're like good and evil. I'll let you guess which is which. LOL

sean price 
How was Kate Brenner? I am a huge fan of hers and she should be a great host. I understand that she ended up being photographed at the end of the segment .... is that true? and if so, can you post some of those photos?

That last picture of Apnea is hilarious! Seems to fit the irony of both of your lives. :D

what a great set of photos! the gasmask shot is a nice capture, too. great stuff.

Darling Propaganda 
LOVE this shot. I'm a sucker for this kinda thing! Great meeting you last weekend!!

Victor Lightworship 
Beautiful! Looks Like fun.


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