Warning - Pretentious "Phone Cam Art" Ahead! 
Yeah... I'm a professional photographer. Sometimes an artist. Does that mean that every snapshot I take with my phone's camera is art? I seriously doubt it. Having said that, I have been enjoying the camera on my iPhone recently. It's such a joy compared to the wretched one on my Treo, and one of the reasons I switched to the iPhone at all. So, here are some shots from the last few days for your viewing pleasure.

Starting off with a view of Downtown LA on a break during my shoot with Ryan Keely, then a photo driving to Long Beach (sitting in traffic and, yes, I was the passenger), then the reason I went to Long Beach, and finally photos I just took when I stopped by The Eagle to visit Hunter and Charlie. They were setting up for Halloween, obviously. I loved the butchered babydoll theme, but the final photo is the real winner!

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