Woe is me 
Yesterday started out well. Though the construction next door woke me after only 4 hours of sleep, I got up, got dressed, and got to work. Bright and early. Hunter called and wanted to get lunch and discuss our Thanksgiving menu, so we arranged for him to come pick me up in an hour. He did and we headed to HMS Bounty, a dive bar with great fish and chips. I was excited to try it out because he'd heard great things about it.

We drove the four miles and, as we neared, I started to feel a little bit queasy. I didn't worry too much about it so we settle into a booth and ordered. A few minutes passed and I started to feel worse... And worse. I only took a few bites of my meal (it was great and I'll definitely be back!) but that was all I could manage.

Back home, in bed, and there I stayed til this morning.

The worst part is that I called in a big favor a couple months ago and scored near front row center seats to Seinfeld at Caesar's Palace for my boyfriend's bday. Those tickets set me back nearly $400 that I can hardly justify spending in this economy, but nothing's too good for my man. And, you guessed it, the show is tonight. I canceled our room and called one of his friends to accompany him while I stay at home and mope.

On a brighter note, I do love some things about the iPhone. One of the reasons I switched over was because of the camera. My old Treo sucked hairy balls and delivered the most unsaturated, hideous photos, but not so the iPhone. And there are all kinds of really cool applications you can get to enhance the experience. One of the ones I like is called "Camera Bag". I've been playing around with it for a few months and thought I'd upload a couple shots from yesterday.

The Bounty is located in the Gaylord Building on Wilshire and, cue grade-school chuckles, I liked the look of the sign against the bright blue sky.

First shot is right off the phone. The second one uses the "Cinema" filter. And the last used the "1962" filter. Pretty sweet and fiddling with them kept me occupied on the drive back home.

I made some matzoh ball soup from scratch, have watched everything I had saved on Tivo, and now I'm going to return to bed with my dog, Belly, and watch more Forensic Files episodes than I would ordinarily see in a month.



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