Trunk with Junk 
I've been doing my darndest to edit furiously. So many shoots all at once = huge backlog and models waiting for photos. Yesterday, I got up bright and early and promptly glued myself to my desk chair, settling in for hours.

On the agenda were two sets of Ryan Keely and one of Angela Ryan and Athena Fatale. While I edit I either listen to audio books, NPR archives, or I "watch" old TV shows on Hulu. (I have two monitors hooked up and I'll have a small window playing video on my right monitor while I work on photos on the left. It's more "listening" to the shows than watching, but it keeps me entertained.) I'm able to engage one side of my brain with the shows or books while the other side busies itself with the editing. If I'm writing or doing web design, the shows are too distracting.

Anyways... I have gone through entire seasons of shows on Hulu since I sit here for hours at a time and, though I appreciate the free entertainment, there's something that just drives me berserk. The website is driven by advertising, which I totally understand and have no complaints about. Where a show would usually have a string of commercials if it played on TV, it only has one commercial on Hulu. Which, in theory, is awesome. HOWEVER!!! When I say that Hulu has one commercial, I mean ONE commercial. In the past two days, I have seen the same exact JC Penney commercial at nearly 100 times. Seriously. The same one. And it even has a terrible song. It's always that way. The one commercial will change. Sometimes there are two commercials that switch off from show to show, but for the duration of the episode, at least, it's the same commercial. It got so painful that I was moved to write them a complaint letter pointing out that, thanks to them, the LAST place I want to shop now is JC Penney.

Sorry. I digress....

Let me just say that while I was editing this photo, all my complaints about Hulu's annoying lack of varied advertising melted away (but came right back with the next commercial break).

What have we learned? Well, that Ryan's got junk in her trunk and it has healing properties. =)

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Hey sexinstilettos,
That's Satine's building though we shot at someone else's apartment. Satine and I did shoot in the same stairwell, though. =)

isn't that satines place?

Will Prouty 
Wonderful image - great lighting, composition, and inspired choice of locale. Very compelling.

Samantha Love 
Oh my goodness, I can totally relate. I've been watching 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' all weekend and it's nothing but JC Penny. Ugh


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