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I just saw a wonderful review of my book on Amazon. It was written by the editor of Michelle7.com, a site that I've been featured on before.

"This collection of photography from photographer Christine Kessler is a powerful artistic statement. It's strengths lie in the incongruity of its many different parts that taken as a whole, raise the entire specter to nitrogen heights. Beautiful women explode across its 100+ pages in a frenzy of naked flesh and a wide assortment of sexy attire and makeup.

The downside here is that Kessler's models are almost too beautiful - her lighting too perfect - her scenarios and locations somewhat over-staged. Plus, there is a rawness missing here that's often prevalent in this genre. Perhaps Kessler is unaware of these qualities. Or disregards them. It is after all, just this viewers perspective and opinion. But whatever the reason, she blasts through these "shortcomings" in a transcendent soiree of spectacular composition, unique style, and masterful photography. She does it HER way. And the results are most excellent. Additionally, one cannot fail to see the beautiful and unique chemistry Ms. Kessler has with her subjects. It lends an interesting, unparalleled quality to her work that other photographers lack.

All in all, these are wonderful images to breeze through or get lost in. This is a book of nudes that all but the most misanthropic will find appealing. Most fans of fashion, fine art, and glamour will find something to succor from this ravishing vision."

I'm blown away by that.

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"....her lighting too perfect - her scenarios and locations somewhat over-staged."

I almost feel like I share an inside joke with you about this particular sentence, given our conversations about lighting and location requirements.

And it's signed, too!
Cool :-)

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Hi Malyanna, You can buy my book directly from me. http://www.christinekessler.com/site/st ... ?page=shop

Hi Steen,

it's Melyanna, from Apnea's forum (you recently wrote to let a comment here to let you know that we pass by).

If it wasn't so damn difficult to buy things from the US, I'd get the book now, but unfortunately most of the time Amazon says they ship to EU and then they don't.
Is there a way to buy the book from an european store? It would be so cool!

merry christmas



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