Hidden Gems 
How it works:
1) I shoot.
2) I copy the images to my computer.
3) I go through them quickly and delete anything out of focus or any shot where the strobes didn't fire.
4) I rename the images to include the date, the model(s) name, the title of the scene.
5) I back the images up onto DVD for my files.
6) I go through them again and pick one or two samples to post on my blog.
7) I move the shoot into the editing queue.
8) I edit the images.
9) I add my frame and copyright notice.
10) I schedule them as updates for my site.

Sometimes, what happens, though, is that while I'm editing (that's step 8 for those of you following along at home), I discover a hidden gem. A new favorite image that I missed in step 6.

Yesterday, I was working on photos of Darenzia and Jade and came across this one. I shore do think it's purty. ;)

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mmmm, yea baby.

you're right, that is a gorgeous picture.


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