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Ok, here's something you may not know about me. I am a total sucker for Japanese products. I cannot resist buying cute, useless crap. Let me clarify that last statement to say that I have absolutely no urge to purchase Hello Kitty stuff or anything like that. What I yearn for is office supplies, kitchen products, and above all, Engrish.

The Japanese really have a talent for creating MUST HAVE products you never knew you must have. It's like some crazy consumer Jedi mind trick. I am rendered utterly helpless whenever I'm confronted by them. Around holiday time, I like to share the wealth and this year went according to schedule. Some of those near and dear to me ended up with Xmas gifts made up of the craptastic wonderment I scored at a few of my favorite Japanese shops.

While I was at one of them, I was cruising the kitchenware section and came across some cute plastic molds. One was in the shape of a car, and one a fish. I assumed that they were rice molds, maybe for fancy onigiri, and I dropped them into my basket. A cursory glance revealed a photo of some molded white food on a bed of lettuce, and the instructions on the back were in kanji, so I figured they'd end up unused in some drawer along with the odd crab-shaped hot dog mold I bought forever ago. (You don't blame me, right? You wouldn't have resisted either.)

Well, when I got home, I was admiring my purchase and noticed that the drawing accompanying the instructions showed a decidedly egg-shaped item being placed in the mold. I quickly flipped the package around and scrutinized the serving suggestion on the front and confirmed that what I'd bought were, in fact, egg molds!!

I searched online for the romanji spelling printed on the plastic, "Yudetama gokko" and found what I wanted. Directions translated into English: Boil your egg, peel it, place it (still hot) in the mold, submerge the mold for 10 minutes in cold water. Voila!!

Hard boiled eggs at their sexiest. Feast your eyes on these bad boys!


Sinnamon Love 
That is SO cool!

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Yeah, it was hot, but I would do it part-time in cold water. I didn't want to keep them submerged too long because I assume that the eggs being hot was an important point.

I posted a link in my response to Nichoras.

yeah, but did you burn your fingers peeling the hot eggs?

and don't say something about "suffering for your art-food!"

I love them... can I buy this on the net? Pleeeeeeeeease...

amazing. simply amazing.
i've found the brown bear to be rather inspirational, btw.
mz b

wow .... me want.

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Good news! You can get them on jbox (or search ebay for yudetama gokko). Cheap as chips!

OMG. Seriously. No fucking way.

You can do that?

I'm a little jealous. I feel like a fish shaped egg would taste better.


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