I've been wearing many different hats lately. Shooting and editing have been on the back burner (well, still editing but not as much) as I concentrate on two website design projects. I've also just sent off another book cover for Cleis Press (and two more, hopefully, in the works), and have been contacted about a couple writing gigs. I'm excited and nervous and looking forward to doing the work.

I've got a shoot booked Friday with Courtney Crave and Athena Fatale at Stockroom. Saturday, I've been hired to cook a romantic dinner for two of my friends (did you know I'm a bit of a gourmet?), and there are a bunch of fetish events this weekend. I'm trying my best to make it out Saturday to see the Black Lickorish fashion show. Gotta support!

So, it's busy busy busy up in here. =)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all too! Hope yours is extra slippery.

... and no, I wasn't drunk in my previous post, even if I managed to type wrong all names in it, including mine... twice.
I love your book!


Hey Steem,

you do sound busy!

I just wanted to tell you that I have finally got your Pervy Girls book, it was in the mail today: it's really faboulous!
I am soooo happy!

Thank you,

Chiara, aka Mekyanna


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