Watching Paint Dry 
Last night, Darenzia and I headed over to Michael Hussar's place to hang out and shoot. Or so I thought.

LP introduced me to Michael last year (Darenzia had met him in San Francisco) and it was "it's a small world" time as we know a lot of the same people.

When we arrived, I found out that he'd invited a couple of other artists over and they were going to do a live painting session with D as the model. I thought I might video the proceedings and it all got off to a grand start, but I soon realized that it was, literally, as exciting as watching paint dry. LOL So, I beat it out of there with a promise to return later in the week when hang-out time could be rocked in earnest. I heard Darenzia get home after 6am, so I'm glad I left when I did. I've got a busy day ahead of me.

I'm honored to know such talented people and am a big supporter of their work, it's just that I also know when I should just get out of their way and let the magic happen. I can't wait to see what they created, but my sitting off to the side playing word games on my phone wasn't helping anybody out. =)

Juliana Marie 
Wow, a painting! I saw this on twitpic, and it looks awesome just in this format. All the art surrounding your work & others' at Zivity inspired me to pick up a Juxtapoz yesterday; trying to edumacate myself in the visual arts a bit. Life is for learning! Heyyyyy-maybe I can write off MFD & zivity membership as a "continuing education" expenses - do you do 1098 forms? :)


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